Why is registration of sex workers a bad idea?

Many countries are struggling with the idea of forced registration for sex workers. Germany has just implemented such a law. Governments seem to think that registration is the solution for the prevention of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

In the past several forms of registration of sex workers have been proposed and executed. Every time the outcome was the same: the registration had not lead to the prevention of exploitation, but the opposite happened. Sex workers would not let themselves be registered and chose to work illegaly from then on. in which case they were more vulnerable to coercion and abuse.

Why don’t sex workers want to register? Because being s sex worker is not accepted in society. If later on in life you want to become a teacher, sollicitor or policewoman, you don’t want to be registered as a formal sex worker.

Registration violates the right on privacy. Besides, it is degrading. Sex work is legal in our country. Registration is unlawful.