Frontline project Police Amsterdam and Stockholm County Police


Frontline: combating trafficking of women and supporting victims of human trafficking

JUST/ 2011-2012/DAP/AG/2991




285,867.00 EUR


Stichting HVO-Querido Clemens M.L. Blaas, NL

Stockholm County Police Lennart Enocss, SE

County Administrative Board of Stockholm (Taskforce Against prostitution/Trafficking) Katarina Kämpe, SE

Objectives and results

  1. To improve adequate and proactive anticipation to detect the non-licenced part of the prostitution branch and thus improving the investigation and prosecution of Trafficking in Human Beings (THB)
  2. Exchange of best practices between Sweden and The Netherlands
  3. Improve operational cooperation relationships between Swedish and Dutch organisations in the field of THB
  4. Development of a digital toolkit that can be used by police organisations, social wellfare organisations and other THB professionals in all Europe to improve effective combat against THB and improve the wellbeing of victims
  5. Development of a film that can be used for information, discussion and education purposes not only in Sweden, and The Netherlands but all over Europe by all organisations who deal with THB and their victims
  6. Organisation of a conference discussing projects outcomes on best practices and possible solutions to practical difficulties for THB professionals, launching of the film and digital toolkit for further dissemination.

Publications and other resources

  • Digital Toolkit :

The outcome of best practices of the project will be laid down in a digital toolkit with practical solutions and recommendations for practical difficulties. The toolkit will reflect actual situations that are encountered in practice and scenarios to deal with these situations. If relevant, short film fragments may be included in the toolkit as well.

  • Film :

The film will be subtitled in English and Dutch and possibly in other languages; it will be targeted for THB professionals all over Europe.